Packing for a Winter Getaway

I love the mountains. East Tennessee is a place near and dear to my heart, and my family still vacations there quite often. We just returned from a vacation in the Smokies about two months ago, and now we’re headed to a different set of mountains in less than a week for my brother’s wedding! Everyone is so excited! Considering that it’s March, we all assumed the weather would be cold, but with our ever-changing temps, at this point, who knows. Regardless, my packing list changes depending on what kind of trip we are taking and what season it is. In the summer months, my family R.V. camps, but when it’s cold, we stay in a condo or cabin.

I keep a general packing list on my phone at all times. Once upon a time I kept a written list, but it’s easier to add to a list on my phone since it’s always with me. Some items remain on the list through every season, but during the winter months, I tack on a few extra necessities. Here is a peek at what I take.



1. Moisturizer

My skin gets dryer in the winter because of the cold air. When the temperature drops (or when I go to a colder place like the mountains!), I have to be careful to use plenty of moisturizer. I love MAC Cosmetics moisturizers. For a true moisturizer, I use MAC’s Complete Comfort Creme. It’s thick, but my skin absorbs it – so it’s not that thick. A little goes a long way with the Comfort Creme. For a lighter moisturizer, I go to MAC’s Oil Control Lotion. It does just that: controls oil all day. But it also provides just enough moisture initially before applying make up. This one is a normal, 1.7 fl. oz. size, but you get more bang for your buck with the travel size, even though it’s smaller. (It’s an ounces-to-dollars thing.)

2. Biosilk Silk Therapy

Before I dry my hair, I run some of this through my hair. I’ve been using it since high school! It makes my hair smoother because it works almost like a conditioner. Also, my go-to conditioner is Tresemme’s Moisture Rich Conditioner. I know you’re not technically suppose to, but I don’t actually rinse the conditioner from my hair. Leaving it in makes my hair smoother and easier to brush. This conditioner is particularly moisturizing.


3. Facewash

This facewash is great for three reasons. (1) It cleanses my face really well. (2) It’s gentle on my skin. (3) It doesn’t break my face out. My skin is really sensitive so I don’t like to use any kind of soaps with fragrances. I’ve never had trouble using Clean and Clear’s. I do moisturize after I wash my face to help with dryness.


4. Lotion

Again, much like soaps, I don’t like fragrance lotions unless I’m using hand lotion. For body lotion, I love Aveeno. It replenishes my skin, and the moisture stays locked in – even when it’s freezing outside.


5. Uggs

Thank goodness they are back! Need I say more?


6. Gloves

I have some gloves similar to these, and they’re great. They are lined on the inside, but they’re sleek on the outside and not bulky at all.






7. Cable-Knit Headbands

I don’t always anticipate being outside just a ton in the mountains during the winter, but I always like to be prepared. Plus, even walking from the car down the street and into a restaurant is time enough to get very cold! I have loved this year’s thick, chunky headbands.


8. Fleece

This fleece is super warm and really soft. My mom and I both have one, and we absolutely love them! We got them monogrammed at a shop nearby. You can find the fleece here or here.


9. Pajamas

I love spending vacation time in my fuzzy pajamas. I absolutely love these! They are oh-so-comfortable and perfect for the winter months. Vera Wang is my favorite pajama brand.


10. Books

I don’t go on vacations without some good reads. I just finished Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon and am about to begin Love Does by Bob Goff – Christmas gifts from my soon-to-be sister-in-law. How well does she know me?! I’m always looking for suggestions, so if you’re reading something you love, let me know!

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