The Magnificent Month of May


I almost didn’t write this because I know I can’t do this subject justice. No words can explain. My parents are my heroes. I should just start with that. They’re my heroes for more reasons than I’ll ever be able to tell you in one post. Or ten posts. Or a hundred. But I’m going to attempt to skim a small part of the surface here.

The month of May is my mom’s favorite month, and it’s become mine, too. First, everything is green – trees, grass, fields, bushes – and it’s beautiful outside! I’m also not sneezing like I do in April, and my allergies have calmed down a good bit. Let’s not forget that school is getting out, and as a teacher, it’s pure joy. And there’s a lot to celebrate: my dad’s birthday, Mother’s Day, and my parents’ anniversary! So in the spirit of celebration, I want to talk about my parents. (They also have no clue I’m writing this, so, surprise!)


My Mom

This Sunday, we’ll all celebrate Mother’s Day, and I am especially thankful to be celebrating my mom. My mom is one of those women who can go without make up and look gorgeous. Ironically though, she’s never been impressed by looks or the like. She’s always been way more focused on who people are on the inside, and she has an uncanny ability to see people’s hearts. Mom is just a gentle as she is fierce, and she’ll be either at the appropriate time. Much like her own mother (my sweet granny), mom is both strong and selfless. As her daughter, I’ve watched her demonstrate both of those qualities with grace, and I’m thankful to still be learning these traits simply by watching her. She’s also a great (and patient) listener, and if you know me, you know that’s a feat.


My Dad

My dad’s birthday was this week, so we’re celebrating him this weekend, too! I followed in my dad’s footsteps in becoming a teacher, and I hope to be half as impactful to my students as he has been to his. I’ve witnessed students who had dad in middle school and are now adults stop him in a store to tell him the difference he’s made in their lives. He’s a true leader in every sense of the word, and his love and strength are evidence of that. Dad has always been at everything for my brother and I: practices, games, recitals, lessons, programs – you name it, he made it. I’m convinced, too, that my dad can fix anything; it’s astonishing honestly. My brother/sister-in-law and I just bought houses, so you can imagine how many calls he’s getting about this and that now.



Mom and Dad

Together, my parents make one awe-inspiring couple. I didn’t know how grateful to be for them when I was growing up. It wasn’t until probably high school that I realized not every family has a meal together every night, not every parent comes to their kids’ extra curricular activities, and not every mom and dad teach their children about Jesus. And it wasn’t until still later (after being around more adults) that I really began to understand why mom and dad instilled certain values in Ryan and I and, moreover, how all the little lessons built those values.

My parents’ anniversary is at the end of the month, and their marriage is one of steadfast love. The stories they’ve told us from when they first got married will make you double over laughing; they’re hilarious! They have always enjoyed being around each other. Growing up, I saw my parents sitting on the front porch together in the mornings, running errands together on Saturdays, and cleaning house together on the weekends. I wouldn’t say they love cleaning house, but they do love talking, laughing, and being together – even in the not-so-fun tasks. And yes, I’ve seen behind the scenes. This is real life for them.

My parents are a true team. When Ryan and I got an answer of no from one parent, we knew we would get that same answer from the other. Of course, their teamship runs much deeper than this. They do life together. As a team, they help each other grow, they hold hands through thick and thin, and they fully support each other.

Most importantly, my parents did not just teach my brother and I about God or just take us to church. We’ve watched our mom and dad walk the walk of living the Christian life wholehearted. They were parents when being true parents was difficult and uncommon. They taught us truth in love. When Ryan or I was in the wrong, we knew it. And let me tell you, I needed this. I am beyond grateful to them for their actual parenting, and I know that any good in me is credit to them.  I’m still watching them to learn from them, more often than not, from all that they do behind-the-scenes. I also don’t know how to explain how it’s possible that my family all gets along and actually likes being around each other like we do. All I know is that somehow my parents made this happen.

As I said at the beginning, this is only a glimpse of these two. I’m very much a words person, but I’ll never be able to accurately describe how thankful I am for them, how much love I have for them, or how truly awesome they are.


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